E-Cig Kits White Cloud Cirrus Cartridge Kit Review

White Cloud Cirrus Cartridge Kit Review

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Kit Essentials

White Cloud
Disposable Cartridge
USB Multi-Tip

The White Cloud Cirrus Cartridge kit is a standard cartridge style e-Cigarette package. White Cloud offers a few different starter kits for the user to choose from, but the difference between these kits is mostly a matter of quantity of replacement hardware and liquid cartridges.

It is unclear whether White Cloud manufactures their own components or if they are rebrands from one of the other major e-Cig manufacturers. I will mention, though, that the charger for the Cirrus kit is something I have never seen before and seems to be an original product. The Cirrus charger is marketed as the “squid charger”. This is a standard USB style charger except it has three tips, allowing the user to charge three batteries at once.

Beyond the charger, there is not much which immediately appears to set this kit apart from other similar kits offered by other manufacturers.

White Cloud offers different capacity batteries as electronic cigarette battery replacement options. This allows users to choose the balance between battery size and battery capacity which suits them best. Batteries are also available in different colors and tip styles.

The replacement cartridges for these units come in multiple flavors and are not advertised as refillable.

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