E-Cig Kits Innokin 808D/Noble AIO PCC Cartomizer Kit Review

Innokin 808D/Noble AIO PCC Cartomizer Kit Review Hot

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Kit Essentials

PCC (Personal Carrying Case)
190mAh/1020mAh Case

This is an e-Cigarette kit is truly designed not only to be similar in appearance to a standard cigarette, but utilizes a PCC (personal carrying case) the highly resembles a cigarette pack.

The PCC holds a single battery and three replacement disposable cartomizers.

In case you're not familiar with the function of a PCC, it serves not only as a case but also as a stand-alone charger for the e-Cig battery. The case encapsulates a 1020 mAh Li-ion battery which automatically charges the single battery whenever it is being stored. This allows the user to vape all day while still having the convenience and look of a cigarette sized device.

Another feature of this particular case is that it can be used to charge most any other electronic device including cell phones and MP3 players. The kit comes with an adapter with many tips for compatibility with many styles of chargers.

The cartridges for the AIO kit are disposable, and are neither designed nor advertised as being refillable. They come with 18mg tobacco flavored Innokin e-Liquid.

  • 1pc Rechargeable AIO PCC (1020 mAh Polymer Li-ion)
  • 1pc White rechargeable battery (Polymer Li-Ion)
  • 3pcs Cartomizers
  • 1pc Retractable charger cable
  • 1pc Charger adapter wheel
  • 1pc AIO Carrying bag
  • 1pc User’s manual

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