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Kit Essentials

eCab Refillable Cartridges
Batteries Charged in External Device
Rechargable 360 mAh Li-Ion

The eCab is marketed by Joyetech as a more elegant option for E-cigarette and personal vaporizer kits.


The reason for this classification is because the eCab is smaller in size than the eGo style devices, and is somewhat more elegantly fashioned than the Joyetech 510 device.

The eCab is very unique in that the rechargeable battery is removed and placed in an external charger for charging. This may allow the user to more economically stock batteries.

The eCab comes in multiple colors including black, silver, white, red, and pink. 

This kit includes:

  • One battery tube
  • One atomizer body
  • Two atomizer heads
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Two empty cartridges
  • One battery charger (holds two batteries)
  • An A/C wall adapter
  • User manual.


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