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Kit Essentials

Replacable Cartirdges
280 mAH

The REDCIG electronic cigarette kit is available in both disposable and starter kits. The flavors available are Light Tobacco, Regular Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, and Apple.

The REDCIG electronic cigarette kit uses replaceable cartridges that come in a variety of flavors. There are a couple different 'trim lines' of the starter kit, from the basic Starter Package, to the Deluxe Kit, and the Ultimate Kit. Cartridges are available in 6 & 11mg strengths.

I recently received a REDCIG starter pack to test, with the only caveat being that I would write a review on it. I received it in the mail, and immediately realized that this kit was targeting a different user than, say, Blu's or NJOY's. To start with, I have not had but one cigarette in close to the past year - when I opened up the box and saw the REDCIG box, it looked suspiciously like the same dimensions as a typically analog cigarette box. The plastic tear-off top was even in the same place; needless to say, it was a bit of a flashback opening up the kit.

One I got into it, there were two cartomizers pre-filled with USA Mix Tobacco blend, and a battery with USB charging dongle. The battery lights up at the end whenever the user inhales. It's activated by the sheer act of breathing; there is no bottom to press to activate, which makes me confident that it would not inadvertently go off in my pocket. The cartomizers were pretty standard - I don't have all that much experience with cartomizers (versus clearomizers), so I cannot comment too much on them. Note that the cartos are refillable. I put some DK-4 into one of them after the initial USA blend was finished, and it worked well.

So, onto the experience! I attached the cartomizer to the battery, and took a vape. It was a very airy draw, something that was easily combated (if you like a heavier draw) by holding my fingers over the air holes where the carto attaches to the battery. The liquid had a good flavor to it - USA mix has a vaguely familiar, tobacco taste to it. I would equate it most closely to the taste of Marlboros. The whole setup was light enough to hang in my mouth, like a traditional, analog cigarette. The REDCIG is very similar in size to a traditional cigarette, also. The red, glowing 'ember' on the end of the setup lit up whenever I vaped, which was a nice touch.

The build quality of the device is high - the 'e-cigarette' pack that comes with the starter kit seems like it would withstand pretty heavy use. The pack has a foam insert at the bottom, where the USB charger, REDCIG, and replacement cartos will fit, in order to not get jostled around in your pocket. I can tell that someone put some forethought as to how to assemble and produce this setup. 

In summation - The REDCIG won't end up being my daily vapor, due to a relatively small battery, but if I'm going somewhere that I'll be covertly vaping just a bit during the event, the small form factor and ease of use of the REDCIG will make it my first choice.

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Overall, a well-thought out and designed piece of equipment.
Overall rating 
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VK Reviewed by VK February 06, 2014
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Overall - Editor Review

Overall, a well-thought out and designed piece of equipment.

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