Clearomizers/Atomizers SMOKTech Single Coil Cartomizer Review

SMOKTech Single Coil Cartomizer Review
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Clearomizer Essentials

0.9 (Regular), 1.75mL (XL)
Fixed Single Coil
Refillable Cartomizer
Drip Tip Compatible
Poly-Fill Drawn to Center Coil
1.7, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 Ohm

This review is addresses the SMOKTech single coil Cartomizer.

This cartomizer generally comes with one or multiple holes punched into the cylinder walls, which allow it to be used as an insert within a SMOKTech carto-tank. It should be noted that if you purchase a cartridge with holes punched in the wall it cannot be used without a tank or the liquid will leak out of the device. Also, a carto punch tool can be used to punch additional holes for heavy vaping or thick e-Liquids.

Make sure to do research or check with your retailer when determining which resistance level will work best for your device. It is possible to overheat a device by using mismatched coils, or it is possible to burn out your atomizer by applying too much voltage or power with a high output mod device. It is also recommended that these units never be ran dry or they will dry burn, possibly ruining the taste and production of the cartridge, requiring it to be replaced.


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