Clearomizers/Atomizers Joyetech eGo-T Cartomizer Review

Joyetech eGo-T Cartomizer Review
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Clearomizer Essentials

1mL/2mL (Cone/Cylinder Shaped)
Non-Replaceable Inner Coil
Plastic, Removable Tip
Cartridge Style
1.7 or 2.0 Ohm

Joyetech's eGo-T cartridge system utilizes non-replaceable coils.

Confusion Warning: Make sure the product you're viewing resembles the product in the pictures, and contains Joyetech labeling. Joyetech also makes a standard eGo and an eGo-C cartridge, so make sure you are reviewing the correct model. We love you.

This review is for the new and possibly improved eGo-T. Joyetech, the original manufacturer of the infamous electronic cigarette eGo style battery, has given the eGo vaporizer a makeover. To the dismay of Joyetech, the eGo kit seems to have lost its reputation of being a quality, trusted vaping setup. This is not because Joyetech did anything wrong, but due to its success. Joyetech's eGo line became the model for slews of counterfeit products. In order to regain its name, Joyetech redesigned the eGo, ramped up its product labeling, and committed to sell only to retailers with physical brick and mortar locations.

The eGo-T utilizes a cartridge style tank and a NON-replaceable coil. The coil head is designed with a metal spike on top which punctures the cartridge. Inside the head is a metal coil and wick.


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