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Category: Batteries
This battery offers all the same features as the eGo-C, but adds on a 'spinner' variable voltage feature.
4.4 (12)
Category: Mods
The Innokin iTaste SVD is a microprocessor controlled MOD released by Innokin in March 2013.
4.4 (5)
Category: E-Cig Kits
The Kanger Evod kit is a unique looking e-Cigarette option that includes Kanger’s Evod atomizer, and an eGo style battery.
4.3 (4)
Category: Batteries
The Kanger Evod battery is Kanger’s version of the standard eGo style battery, which is the most popular e-Cigarette battery style. This battery is...
4.2 (6)
Category: E-Cig Kits
Vuse is manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, a subsidiary of Reynolds American, the second largest tobacco company in the US, owning such brands...
4.0 (6)
Category: E-Cig Kits
The MarkTen Cartomizer kit was released in July 2013 in Indiana by Altria, previously known as Phillip Morris. Altria is the maker of Marlboro...
2.4 (5)
There's been a lot of hype about Kanger's new, smaller, all Pyrex & Metal tank. This clearomizer is, basically, a miniture version of the...
4.3 (11)
The iClear 16 is a classic C4 style atomizer made by Innokin. Note that this review is for the replaceable coil version of the...
4.0 (7)
Category: Mods
Youde has produced a ridiculous amount of RBAs, RDAs, and mods, which are all displayed on their website, but finding information on them has...
0.0 (0)
The Evod is a bottom fed tank atomizer designed and produced by SZ Kanger in China.
4.3 (14)